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Fashion Ad for Faboo

Clothing from Faboo ~ Ute City Building, Aspen, Co
Model ~ Emily Katherine Nemec
Photography ~ Andrea Maria Sims

Street Style ~ Aspen

Walk on the Wild Side ~ Writing and Photography by Andrea Maria Sims

Featured in Aspen Sojourner Magazine

Walk on the Wild Side

In the 1950’s Christian Dior popularized animal prints by using them extensively in his designs and ad campaigns. No wardrobe was complete without a dash of leopard. The trend has endured more than five decades, with international designers like Betsey Johnson, Vivienne Westwood, Roberto Cavalli, Michael Kors, and Prada consistently mixing a little menagerie into their collections.

Today, animal prints tread a fine between tasteful and tacky. As Aspen’s more discerning fashionistas demonstrate, the safest way to wear a big cat’s colors is sparingly.

When applied correctly, a feral flourish can add a touch of glamour, not garishness, to any ensemble. ~ Andrea Maria Sims