All in the Wrist ~ Writing and Photography by Andrea Maria Sims

Featured in Aspen Sojourner Magazine

All in the Wrist

Catch a glimpse of any Aspen fashionista’s wrist, and chances are you will see an array of eye-catching bracelets adorning her arm. Stacking bracelets is an increasingly popular trend, as it allows the wearer to mix and match her favorite pieces, thus creating a unique and individual style.

When done right, combining bracelets offers a chance to play with textures and designs. Pieces that are similar in color and material work best together.
In parts of India, the number and type of bracelets worn by a woman signifies her marital status. A bride will try to wear as many small glass bracelets as possible on her wedding day, believing the honeymoon will end when the last bracelet breaks.

There’s no such superstition in Aspen, but a bounty of bracelets does bode well for any look. Andrea Maria Sims