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Street Style Aspen

Nailing It ~ Writing and Photography by Andrea Maria Sims

Featured in Aspen Sojourner Magazine

Nailing It

Ask any woman: nothing kills an outfit quicker then chipped nail polish or broken fingernails. Hands get noticed, conceivably more than clothing, as woman use them constantly when communicating. During the 1950s, bright colors were considered promiscuous, and all nail polish had to be removed on Sunday before church services. Today, rules are more relaxed, but pale colors still work best for formal occasions and everyday elegance. Though, as some Aspenites show, a fingernail can function as a mini-canvas, too, extending an outfit’s creativity right down to the cuticle. ~ Andrea Maria Sims

Fashion Ad for Faboo

Featured in the Latest Issue of Aspen Sojourner Magazine

Clothing from Faboo, Mill St. Plaza, Aspen
Model ~ Monika Oginski
Photography by Andrea Maria Sims

A Darker Shade of Pale ~ Model Portfolio

Model ~ Alex Norvell
Photography ~ Andrea Maria Sims

My Photography Work ~ Model Portfolio

Model ~ Alex Norvell

Photography ~ Andrea Maria Sims,centre>